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We celebrate upcoming creators and diverse voices.

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve sold 10k books and raised $140k on Kickstarter. We're dedicated to transparency, and building a supportive and kind comics community.


For teens aching for explicit representation in big mainstream science fiction, fantasy, and superhero stories, these references are a gift of inclusion. Shout Out is, in short, an essential collection for LGBTQ2IA+ teens, comics lovers, and keen readers of speculative YA fiction.
Quill & Quire, on Shout Out
This comics anthology offers a fun and vibrant collection of fantasy and sci-fi comics featuring LGBTQ2SIA+ heroes, from cyberpunks to Viking lovers and demon hunters.
CBC Books, on Shout Out
#ColorlinesReads: 5 LGBTQ+ Young Adult Books You'll Love
ColorLines, on Shout Out
Spotlight: Shout Out Anthology
Uplifting, funny, romantic, surprising, and everything in-between, Shout Out is a gorgeous and noteworthy collection with needed- necessary- voices, characters and stories.
Fab Book Reviews, on Shout Out
If you need a Pride read, make it this truly excellent anthology of queer comics. If you want lovingly-rendered queer comics at any time of the year, this is a great read.
Love In Panels, on Shout Out