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Bold queer heroes seize the spotlight!

Join us on the adventures of young demon hunters, star-crossed Viking lovers, and cyberpunk street artists as we invite you into new worlds where brave heroes with diverse queer identities demonstrate the strength of their hearts and the power of their dreams!

Find your place alongside ace necromancers, glamorous jazz musicians, fey outsiders, friendly monsters, and a superhero still finding his way out of the phone booth.

Spotlighting the work of diverse voices, this collection includes Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine), Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy), Killian Ng​​ (Legend of Korra: Turf Wars), and many others.

Our stories have heroes who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, two-spirit, and asexual, from creators who share those identities.

Dimensions208 pages, 6.75" x 10.25"
PublishedMay 2019
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Kieron Gillen and V. Gagnon
Separated on the battlefield, a young viking risks more than his life to be reunited with his love.
Fifteen Minutes or Less
Marie Anello and Liz Parlett
Tally and J.J. bus tables at the best noodle joint in town. Their determination, their feelings, and their martial arts skils are all put to the test when they’re asked to make a last-minute delivery!
Joamette Gil and Kelly & Nichole Matthews
When an intruder comes to steal magic from the sacred garden, the immortal guardian finds she has something in common with the thief.
How to Summon a Demon
CJ Walker
When you summon a demon using a web tutorial, the last thing you expect is for the spell to actually WORK.
Shine So Bright
Lindsay Smith and Adrienne Valdes
In 1920s Manhattan, two stylish queer teens discover a world of romance and possibilities in the glamourous Gilded Lily jazz club.
Show Me Your Teeth
Angela Cole and Cheryl Young
To be a monster dentist takes pluck, courage, and lightning reflexes! Fortunately, one non-binary witch is up to the task.
Anthony Oliveira and Josh McKenzie
In a world of colourful villains and preposterous schemes, Louis is tired of pretending that the hero who keeps coming to his rescue and the best friend he's in love with are two different people.
Andrew Wheeler and Michelle Dix
A nervous baker stumbles across a fae warden and his magical beasts. Who is this beautiful stranger, and can he be trusted?
Glitches Get It Done
Crystal Frasier and Molly James
As their colony ship crawls between stars, can Liza negotiate a space for her trans identity in a society fixated on producing children?
Love In The Cloud
Derrick Chow
As the digital city of Polyberg crashes and prepares to be reborn, a gifted artist struggles to balance new opportunity with those he’ll leave behind.
Nicholai Farber
Sasha, a young closeted trans boy, lives in a crumbling apartment building filled with old shadows. With the elevators broken, visiting his friend will mean confronting the inhuman creature waiting in the stairwells.
Three's A Charm
Elodie Chen
Sparks fly when two witches search for a third partner to balance their coven.
The Name of the Forest
Day Irwin and Killian Ng
How do you bargain with your magical True Name when you haven’t quite figured out who you are?
Girls Who Die in the River
H. Pueyo and Dante L.
Amélia is saved from drowning in the Amazon river by a mysterious stranger who offers to guide her home, but all is not what it seems.
Manicita and the Songkeeper
Ashley Gallagher and Helen Robinson
Pursued by occupation soldiers, Mani finds the ancient keeper of songs, and learns old truths about her heritage.
Sidekicks & Allies
B.C. Holmes and Alex Moore
Liv’s happy playing sidekick to the destined hero, but when it comes to letting someone else define you, you just gotta be your own champion.
The Fisher and the Jeweler
Sunny Ôchumuk and Shaina Lu
A lovestruck fisher strikes a deal with a beautiful wampum jeweler and receives more in return than they expected!
Vows of Life
Nichole Robinson and Anika Granillo
After nearly drowning, Kaleb finds himself speaking the language of the dead. His voice can no longer be understood by the living, even those he deeply cares for.